General Info

License and Hygiene

Tattoo work is done strictly according to the guidelines of the GGD to guarantee the quality and hygiene. Every customer is treated with sterile packed needles and needle holders, new ink, clean gloves, etc. which are used only once.

Ink Passport

You will also receive an ink passport. this is currently recommended by the GGD. This will state which ink was used to get your tattoo. This is very easy because if you want to expand your tattoo in the future, we know exactly which ink we need to have it connect seamlessly.


You get a six-month warranty on your tattoos. If, for example, there is a light spot or the like within six months after getting your tattoo. you can make an appointment to update it completely free of charge.

Minimum Age

Tattoo from 18 years old. If you appear young please bring your I.D. when you come to make an appointment.

Price & Payment


Every tattoo is different and the price will depend on many factors such as size, location on body, design detail, time etc. Therefore I can't give a price before knowing design and details. I will however give you an approximate price during the discussion phase (before deposit). The final price for your tattoo can be given once the design is ready.

Minimum price

Due to hygienic set-up, cost of the materials etc. there is minimum price of € 100.


I ask for a deposit per tattoo to confirm the appointment and to get started on the main design-work, the amount may vary depending on the tattoo.


Payment is preffered by Tikkie or bank transfer. Cash is also possible.



All consultation and tattooing is done by appointment only. Concact me via social media, whatsapp, to send me an email, or message me on facebook, instagram, whatsapp, SMS, phone to discuss your tattoo.

The process usually goes as follows:
  • You send a message with a basic description of what you're looking for: type of tattoo, elements you want to include, approx. size, location on body etc. and any other information, references or questions you have.
  • If you want we can arrange a short face-2-face to discuss before making any agreement. After that I'll provide an approximate price-range based on your description.
  • If you're happy with the price-range and agree then I will usually charge a deposit which allows me to begin the design-work (unless it's a small piece or something like standard lettering that doesn't require much design-work). This deposit will be discounted from the final cost of the tattoo.
  • I'll share the design with you as well as a final quote. (This is the time to request any final changes!)
  • Then we schedule the tattoo appointment (multiple required for larger pieces).

Before your appointment

Getting a tattoo requires a lot of energy from your body and mind. Make sure you are well rested and have eaten enough, also plenty of water/juice before your appointment. Make sure that you are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs the night before or the day your appointment. Alcohol makes the blood thin, which can dilute the pigments, interrupt healing and ultimately has a negative effect on the tattoo. Advice: Feel free to bring something to eat and drink to get through your tattoo session.


Proper care during the healing process of your new tattoo has an impact on he final result. The better you care for it the better it will look and last. During tattooing the skin breaks, causing a wound. If you take good care of the tattoo, it will take about six weeks (depending on the size of the tattoo) for this wound to heal completely. Here are some simple instructions that must be strictly followed for the best possible result:

  • Let the foil sit for at least 3 hours.
  • Wash your hands (Preferably with disinfectant soap, for example Unicura).
  • Wash your tattoo gently with clean hands. Don't rub!
  • Then dry your tattoo by dabbing gently with a clean, dry towel.
  • Spread a tiny amount of Bepanthen on your tattoo with a clean finger.
  • Put new foil around it.

Repeat this 2 times a day for the next 2 to 3 days.

If the tattoo feels dry, you can choose to rub this DUN with Bepanthen or with Vaseline Intensive Reque (unscented) body lotion. Make sure not to get too much ointment on the tattoo, as the skin can no longer breathe. After 3 to 4 days, crusts / sheets appear on your tattoo. Do not scratch or pick! This can cause light spots in the tattoo. The crusts will eventually fall off by themselves.

Dos & Don'ts during the healing process:

  • If you get any irritation on your skin while wearing the foil, remove the foil. Wash the tattoo off with Unicura antibacterial soap and let it air out. However, continue to apply a thin layer of Bepanthen.
  • Never wear tight, unwashed clothes or clothes containing hair or wool on the tattoo wound.